My documentary work takes place primarily in underdeveloped countries and focuses on narratives around people. The assignment I photographed took me from low laying Pacific atolls to Himalayan mountain villages. These experiences have allowed me access to view and come to understand many different ways of life. It also has helped me to appreciate the struggles of some and the happy simplicity of traditional life for others.
As a result of years of work in this field, I have come to a point in my life where I would like to combine my social beliefs with my professional skills and give back to these communities that I make a living of photographing.
Annually, I am offering two weeks of photography to a New Zealand based aid organisation working in underdeveloped countries free of charge. These two weeks will be dedicated to creating a body of work that tells a story with strong and evocative images of the aid organisation.
The story subject will be up to the aid organisation nature and needs. It can be a specific project or a general exposure for the work the organisation.


2017 Save the Children photography of agriculture and school aid in Nepaltar valley, Nepal and Daulatdia brothel and school, Bangladesh.